About Insecticide & Fungicide Calculators

Indian agriculture focuses on specific solutions to enhance crop productivity and Government of India is proactively involved to equip farmers with real time information for implementation of better and timely farming decisions through National e-Governance Plan (NeGP) and m-Kisan portals through programs and agencies of Center and State. Information and Communication Technology tools provide empowerment for humankind in all walks of life and agriculture, in general and crop protection, in particular is not exception. Making available the information on insect pest and disease management as digital applications executable through web and mobile devices would help the stakeholders of plant protection viz., researchers, educationists, extension agents, pesticide dealers and farmers to access the information and use based on need. Role of digitization in crop protection is immense as the pests (insects/diseases/weeds/nematodes) cause an yield loss of 15 to 25% to agricultural and horticultural crops. The increased damage to crops from pests and subsequent losses pose a serious threat to food security and underscores importance of agrochemicals including pesticides for enhanced crop productivity. Insecticides are the largest sub-segment of agrochemicals with 60% market share in Indian crop protection iconpdf and their judicious use based on ‘label claims’ is a must not only for effective pest management but also for environmental protection.

Rice, Pigeonpea, Cotton and Soybean have been the target crops for the study on pest dynamics in the context under Crop Pest Surveillance and Advisory Project(CROPSAP). Having done pest surveillance and developed weather based forewarning systems for insect pests and diseases under CROPSAP it was considered necessary to develop ‘Insecticide and Fungicide Calculators’ (IFC) to make the registered pesticides with ‘label claims’ registered by Central Insecticide Board & Registration Committee to be recommended at right dosages. IFCs would be of immense use to pesticide dealers, extension agents and farmers as they help in selection of pesticide and assists in calculations of how much to buy and apply.